We Are A Local Family Owned Solar And Roofing Company Serving The Greater Sacramento Area.

We ar a local family owned Solar and Roofing Company serving the Greater Sacramento Area. We have over twenty years of experience selling, installing and servicing Solar and Roofing. Our focus is to be the best and fastest Solar and Roofing company in Northern California. Because we focus on Northern California it allows us to offer great service to our customers because we are not so spread out. Our growth is due to the fact that our customers love us and give us tons of referrals. We promise to be up front with our customers and make sure they are getting a project that meets their goals and functions as it’s meant to. There is nothing more frusterating than paying a lot of money for a Solar Power System and then still get a big bill from the Utility Company at the end of the year. If we can’t save you money and you can’t see that it’s going to benefit you financially then we won’t do it.

Our mission is to provide a better, cleaner alternative for your electical power needs at a much lower cost than traditional energy suppliers. We believe consumers should have a choice when it comes to their power. We are passionate about helping people make a logical decision when switching to renewable energy. When you go solar you are locking in your electricity rates for the next 30-40 years. You are free from the high increases being doled out by PG&E and other energy companies. Going solar gives you the opportunity to invest in your own power plant. You can add a sizeable amount to your retirement income with the savings you will get from going solar. The average customer will save between $60,000 and $100,000 over 25 years. The best part about it is that it’s money you are going to spend anyway. It requires no new money from your budget. No down payment and no new bills. You just simply take what you are currently spending with PG&E and use that to pay for your solar bill, which is lower than what your electric bill was. If you choose not to go solar you are simply making a decision to spend more. Usually 60% more!